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November 3, 2008

SSIS: VSA requires DLLs to be in the Microsoft.Net folder (but not all the time)

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from: http://blogs.conchango.com/jamiethomson/archive/2005/11/02/2341.aspx

Very interesting post, quoted below, gets around some deployment issues:

Recently I have been using the SSIS Script Task and Script Component quite heavily. For those that don’t know, these items use Visual Studio for Applications (VSA) under the covers.

There is a peculiar limitation of VSA that requires you to place any DLLs that you want to reference into the Microsoft.Net\Framework folder of your machine – it isn’t enough to GAC it.

Happily this only needs to be done on development machines because this is a design-time requirement. When the VSA apps run they use DLLs in the GAC – they don’t need to be in the Microsoft.Net\Framework folder. Or so it seems to me anyway. To prove this I changed the name of my DLL in the Microsoft.Net\Framework folder and sure enough I got design-time errors but my packages containing script tasks/components that referenced that DLL still ran successfully. One caveat – this will only work if the script is pre-compiled – so make sure the PreCompile setting on your script task/component is set to TRUE.


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