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November 11, 2008

Linq2SQL (L2S) has been ‘depreicated’ in favour of LINQ to Entities

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As of .NET 4.0, LINQ to Entities will be the recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios, as opposed to Linq2Sql

Interesting for us as we use Linq2Sql in some cases so we will change our raodmap.




November 10, 2008


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An initial implementation, capable of executing simple WIQL queries against the Work Item Store of a TFS server:


September 30, 2008

Linq to Sharepoint

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David Riddell McGhee, enterprise Account Technology Specialist for Microsoft Australia, has a really interesting blog, full of interesting things. Most recently i was reading about LinqToSharepoint.

This could be really useful for us as sharepoint is essentially our internal ECM system so integrating with it will become more common for us. From his blog:

Codeplex project:


Link I found this from:



How Do I: Use LINQ To SharePoint to Retrieve SharePoint Data?

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